The Girls' Room

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The Girls' Room - A TV show that takes place in the girls' bathroom of Kawayga Junior High, but one episode took place in the boys' bathroom of the same school due to a water pipe burst.

The hosts are Amber (played by Amanda Bynes), an egotistical girl who always makes sure to remind the audience that she is popular, but most likely isn't because, as seen in many episode the skit appears in, not a lot of people know who she is, Sheila (played by Raquel Lee in season 1, Reagan Gomez-Preston in Season 2 and 3), an aggressive girl who disposes of unwelcome guests by giving them swirlies (usually executing them in the middle stall) at Amber's command, Tammy (played by Jamie Snow), an "exchange student" from Tennessee with an extremely thick Southern accent, and Debbie (played by Jenna Morrison), an unintelligent girl who constantly states that she likes eggs in a dopey voice, and constantly annoys the others, especially Sheila. Amber has a rivalry with another much more popular girl named Danielle Spencer who always seems to one up Amber, but usually ends up getting a swirly from Sheila. Two episodes also revealed that Amber has another rivalry with Tina Capone who would also get a swirly from Sheila. Two sketches of "The Girls' Room" featured appearances Kawaynga Junior High's lunch lady Miss Shapein (played by Nancy Sullivan). When the sketch is about to end, Amber would quote that "until next time, I'm popular," Sheila would quote "I'm bad," Tammy would quote "I'm from Tennessee," and Debbie would make a ridiculous comment.