Judge Trudy
Judge Trudy is a parody of the real life courtroom show, Judge Judy. Judge Trudy and the bailiff is mostly the main characters in the sketch, which features a child plaintiff "suing" an adult defendant for petty incidents against the child like giving a kid a shot, telling the kid to turn down their stereo, giving a kid an apple instead of candy on Halloween, telling a kid to please stop mocking someone, sending the kid to their room for not kissing their aunt, telling the kid to turn down their stereo, and forcing the kid to take a bath or for well deserved punishments like pushing the principal's car into a swimming pool, playing baseball in the house, throwing egg's at the defendant's house, selling a house in order to go to a expensive amusement parks, driving a car without a license, releasing all the animals from the zoo, painting someone orange, gluing stuff all over the classroom, putting itching powder in their parents clothes, pouring oatmeal on a teacher, stealing a space shuttle, fill an entire house with water, painting the white house pink and shutting down the internet.

Judge Trudy


  • Amanda Bynes as Judge Trudy
  • Gary Anthony Williams as the bailiff
  • Drake Bell, Josh Peck, Raquel Lee (usually played by) and other child actors as a child plaintiff
  • Nancy Per Sullivan, Johnny Kassir, and other adults as the adult defendant