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is an in-universe parody of the video rental store chain Blockbuster. Blockblister is owned and operated by a family of foreigners; Gnocchi Blokey (played by Johnny Kassir in season 1, Andrew Hill Newman in seasons 2 and 3) and his children Blini (played by Amanda Bynes) and Biscotti (played by Drake Bell) who often find themselves facing angry customers (usually played by Josh Peck, Raquel Lee, Nancy Sullivan or other actors) due to the poor quality of the videos which is not actually the movie they rented. Blini says " Oh, no no no. You no ask for (real movie), you ask for (parody movie)". They often insist that Blockblister's movies are better, "MUUUUUCH BETTER!". When the customer insists they play the tape, Each spoof features the family in poorly made costumes, attempting to act out the movie in less than a minute, usually producing a poor imitation of the original. When the family finishes the movie, the customer would insult them by saying, for an example, "That wasn't (name of real movie title). That was just you two morons (Blini and Biscotti) pretending to be actors wearing bad costumes in a bad homemade movie you shot at your house." After arguing over the quality of the movie, the family either offers the customer an egg or inquires about payment, generating an adverse reaction from the customer. After the customer leaves - still dissatisfied - (two customers per sketch; three customers in one sketch) the family dances to polka music while holding eggs, concluding the sketch. In one sketch, the family demonstrates the use of a DVP, their country's version of a DVD which is an LP-sized round block of wood played in a loud wooden machine powered by a gasoline engine which is started by pulling a cord; the machine plays their spoof of the movie Mission: Impossible with visual interference and a rattling noise so loud no one can hear the movie. 

The family saying their home-made movie is MUCH BETTER!